Computational Linear Algebra(CMA703)

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Computational Linear Algebra


M.Tech (CMA)




Programme Core (PC)

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Matrix multiplication problems: Basic algorithms and notations, exploiting structure, block matrices and algorithms, vectorization and re-use issues. Matrix analysis: basic ideas from linear algebra, vector norms, matrix norms, finite precision matrix computations, orthogonality and SVD, projections and the CS decomposition, the sensitivity of square linear systems. General linear systems: Triangular systems, the LU factorization, roundoff analysis of Gaussian elimination, pivoting, improving and estimating accuracy. Special linear systems,factorizations,positive definite systems,banded systems,symmetric indefinite systems,block systems,vander monde systems and the FFT,Toeplitz and relatedsystems.


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A.R. Gourlay and G.A. Watson, Computational methods for matrix eigenproblems, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1973.
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C.F. Van Loan, Introduction to scientific computing: A Matrix vector approach using Mathlab, Prentice -Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J, 1997.


Mathematical and Computational Sciences

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