1. MA110 Engineering Mathematics – I
  2. MA111 Engineering Mathematics – II
  3. MA112 Digital System Design
  4. MA113 Linear Algebra
  5. MA201 Concrete Mathematics
  6. MA204 Linear Algebra and Matrices
  7. MA203 Graph Theory
  8. MA202 Discrete Mathematical Structures
  9. MA205 Modern Computer Algebra
  10. MA206 Number Theory And Cryptography
  11. MA207 Numerical Methods
  12. MA208 Probability Theory And Applications
  13. MA209 Theory Of Complex Variables
  14. MA221 Data Structures
  15. MA222 Computational Linear Algebra
  16. MA223 Computer Org & Arch
  17. MA224 DS Lab
  18. MA225 COA Lab
  19. MA226 Operating Systems
  20. MA227 Database Systems
  21. MA228 Operating Systems Lab
  22. MA229 Database Systems Lab
  23. MA301 Advanced Graph Theory
  24. MA302 Data Analysis, Time Series Analysis And Non-Parametric Methods
  25. MA303 Integral Transforms & Applications
  26. MA304 Linear Programming And Applications
  27. MA305 Network Optimization
  28. MA306 Operations Research
  29. MA307 Optimization Techniques And Statistical Methods
  30. MA308 Statistical Analysis And Applications
  31. MA321 Fundamentals of Data Science
  32. MA322 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
  33. MA323 Statistical Methods Lab
  34. MA324 DAA Lab
  35. MA325 Machine Learning
  36. MA326 Theory of Finite Automata, Formal Languages and Computation
  37. MA327 Scientific Computing Lab
  38. MA401 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  39. MA402 Finite Elements Method
  40. MA403 Mathematical Modeling
  41. MA404 Non-Linear Optimization
  42. MA405 Reliability Theory And Applications
  43. MA407 Statistical Quality Control
  44. MA406 Statistical Design And Analysis Of Experiment
  45. MA408 Stochastic Analysis And Applications
  46. MA490 Practical Training
  47. MA491 Seminar
  48. MA498 Major Project phase 1
  49. MA499 Major Project phase 2
  50. MA500 Capstone Project
  51. MA506 Quadratic Forms and Linear Algebra
  52. MA507 Image Processing
  53. MA508 Soft  Computing
  54. MA509 Combinatorial Optimization
  55. MA512 Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations
  56. MA513 Modern Algebra
  57. MA514 Pattern Recognition
  58. MA515 Statistical Techniques for Data Mining
  59. MA516 Software Engineering
  60. MA517 Algorithmic Combinatorics
  61. MA518 Selected Topics in Graph Theory
  62. MA519 Systems Modelling and Simulation
  63. MA520 Selected Topics in Computer Algorithms
  64. MA521 Mobile Computing
  65. MA523 Computer Networks
  66. MA525 Computational Number Theory
  67. MA526 Game Theory
  68. MA527 Network Security
  69. MA525 Computational Number Theory
  70. MA526 Game Theory
  71. MA528 Introduction to Parallel Programming
  72. MA529 Advanced Data Science
  73. MA531 Statistical Quality Control
  74. MA532 Big data Analytics
  75. MA533 Wavelets in Data Science
  76. MA534 Cloud Computing
  77. MA535 Distributed Computing Systems
  78. MA536 Advanced Database Systems
  79. MA537 Optimization Techniques
  80. MA538 Artificial Intelligence

HU 800 Research Methodology ( 1 -1- 0) 2

Nature of science,Human Inquiry and Science , Learning and creativity , Innovation and creativity , Nature of Research, Research Ideas and problems , Critically Reviewing the Literature and Literature Map, Identifying research gaps , Framing research questions, Research objectives, Ethics in Research , Research approaches, process, strategies, Research Design: Conceptualization, Operationalization and Measurement, Sampling: Probability and Non - Probability, Using Primary and Secondary Data, Quantitative and Qualitative data , Data collection , Exploring and Examining, Analysis and interpretation ; Communicating research findings: Written , oral , visual ;

Referencing . William M.K. Trochim, Research Methods, Biztantra publications, 2nd Edition. John W. Creswell, Research Design, Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Approaches, 2ndEdition, Sage Publication, 2003. Earl Babbie, The Basic of Social Research, Wadsworth- Thomson Learning, 2nd Edition, 2002. E. M. Phillips And D. S. Pugh, How To Get A PhD -A Handbook for PhD Students and their supervisors, Viva Books, 2006 Antony Wilson, Jane Gregory, Steve Miller, Shirley Earl, Handbook of Science Communication, Overseas Press India Pvt ltd, 2005 Donald R. Cooper, Pamela S. Schindler, Business Research Methods, TMH, New Delhi, 2006. Juri Neimark, Mathematical Models in Natural Sciences and Engineering, Springer, 2003. Rutherford Aris, Mathematical Modeling Techniques, Dover Publications, New York, 1994. J N Kapur, Mathematical Modeling New Age Publishers, New Delhi, 1988. T. Roscoe, Writing Reviews for Systems Conferences, http://people.inf.ethz.ch/troscoe/pubs/review- writing.pdf. H. Schulzrinne, Writing Technical Articles, http://www.cs.columbia.edu/ hgs/etc/writing-style.html. G.M. Whitesides, Writing a Paper, http://www.che.iitm.ac.in/misc/dd/writepaper.pdf


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