Kedarnath Senapati


Assistant Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Professional Experience: 

11 Years and at NITK: 7 years

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Academic Background
  • Post Doctoral Fellow (IIT Bhubaneswar, 2014­2016)
  • Ph.D (Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneswar, 2013)
  • M.Phil (Sambalpur University, 2002)
  • M.Sc (Sambalpur University, 2001)
  • B.Sc (Kuchinda College Kuchinda, 1998)
Areas of Interest
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
Supervision of Ph.D

Completed - 1, Ongoing - 2

Sl.No. Name Date of Completion
1 Priya R Kamath 12/07/2021
  • National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) Postdoctoral Fellowship, DAE, Govt.of India, 2013
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), 2003
Significant Publications
List of papers published in Journals: 
1) Ioannis K Argyros, Santhosh George, Kedarnath Senapati, Extended local convergence for Newton-type solver under weak conditions, Stud. Univ. Babes-Bolyai Math. 66(4), 757-768, 2021
2) PR Kamath, Kedarnath Senapati, P Jidesh, Despeckling of SAR Images Using Shrinkage of Two-Dimensional Discrete Orthonormal S-Transform, International Journal of Image and Graphics 21 (02), 2021
3) PR Kamath, Kedarnath Senapati, Short‐term wind speed forecasting using S‐transform with compactly supported kernel, Wind Energy 24 (3), 260-274, 2021
4) SK Bishoi, Kedarnath Senapati, BR Shankar, Shrinking generators based on σ-LFSRs, Discrete Applied Mathematics 285, 493-500, 2020
5) IK Argyros, S George, Kedarnath Senapati, Extending the applicability of the inexact Newton-HSS method for solving large systems of nonlinear equations, Numerical Algorithms 83 (1), 333-353, 2020
6) TK Chakra, T Nayak, Kedarnath Senapati, Iteration of certain exponential-like meromorphic functions, Proceedings-Mathematical Sciences 128 (5), 1-18, 2018
7) Kedarnath Senapati and Aurobinda Routray, Comparison of ICA and WT with S-transform Based Method for Removal of Ocular Artifacts from EEG Signals, J. Biomedical Science and Engineering, 4(5), 341-351, 2011
8) Kedarnath Senapati, Santosh Dhubia, Aurobinda Routray and William K. Mohanty, Blind Deconvolution of Seismic Signals in Time and Frequency Domain: a study on 2004 Sumatra Earthquake, International J. of Signal Process. Image Process. and Pattern Recognition, 4(1), 29-47, 2011
9) Kedarnath Senapati, Sibsambhu Kar and Aurobinda Routray, Extraction of Ocular Artifacts from Electroencephalogram Signal, J. Orissa. Math. Soc., 59-73, 2010
10) Kedarnath Senapati and P. C. Das, Improved Iteration Algorithm for Signal Reconstruction in Shift-Invariant Spaces, J. Orissa. Math. Soc., 33-43, 2007 
Books Chapters:
1) K Senapati, PR Kamath, Time–Frequency–Phase Analysis for Automatic Detection of Ocular Artifact in EEG Signal using S-Transform, Machine Intelligence and Signal  Analysis, 49-58, 2019

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