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Academic Background
  • PhD, Alagappa University, 2005
  • MPhilAlagappa University, 2001
  • MScAlagappa University, 2000
  • BSc, Madurai Kamaraj University, 1998
Areas of Interest
  • Functional Analysis
  • Operator Theory
Significant Projects
  • Funding Agency: SERC, DST, Government of India SR/FTP/ MS-050/2011 ; Title of the Project: Topological Structures  for Semiclosed Operators on Hilbert spaces ; Duration: Three  Years starting from 17.05.2013 to 16.05.2017 ; Completed.
  • Funding Agency: NBHM, DAE, Government of India NBHM/R.P.45/2012/Fresh/308 ; Title of the Project: A Study on Moore-Penrose Inverses in Krein spaces ; Duration: Three  Years starting from 15.08.2013 to 14.08.2016 ; Completed.
  • Funding Agency: NITK, Surathkal ; RGO/O.M/SEED GRANT/106/2009 ; Title of the Project : A Study on Closed Range Operators ; Duration : Two Years starting from 26.01.2009 to 25.01.2011 ; Completed.
Supervision of Ph.D
Current Students
1. K. Mahesh Krishna
2. Athira Satheesh
3. Rashid A
4. Sachin Manjunath Naik
Degree Awarded
3. Vinoth A. (2020) : A Study on EP and Hypo-EP Operators
2. G. Ramu (2017) : Frames for Operators in Hilbert and Banach Spaces
1. S. Balaji (2014) : A Study on Semiclosed Subspaces and Semiclosed Operators in Hilbert Spaces
Significant Publications
20. K. Mahesh Krishna and P. Sam Johnson, “Dilation Theorem for p-Approximate Schauder Frames for Separable Banach Spaces” Palestine Journal of Mathematics (accepted for publication).
19. K. Mahesh Krishna and P. Sam Johnson, “New Identity on Parseval p-Approximate Schauder Frames and Applications ” Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics (accepted for publication).
18. P. Sam Johnson, Vinoth A and K. Kamaraj, “Fuglede-Putnam Type Commutativity Theorems for EP Operators” Malaya Journal of Matematik (accepted for publication).
17. K. Mahesh Krishna and P. Sam Johnson, “Towards Characterizations of Approximate Schauder Frame and Its Duals for Banach Spaces”, J. Pseudo-Differ. Oper. Appl., 12(1), 2021, Art. 9, 13 pp.
16. Athira Satheesh K, P. Sam Johnson and K. Kamaraj, “Estimates of Norms on Krein Spaces”, Aust. J. Math. Anal. Appl. 17 (2020), No. 2, Art. 18, 10 pp.
15. P. Sam Johnson, “On Semiclosed Operators with Closed Range”, Canad. J. Appl. Math. 2 (2020), No. 2, 18-22.
14. P. Sam Johnson and S. Balaji, "Convergence of Operators with Closed Range," Khayyam J. Math. 5 (2019) No. 2, 132-138.
13. Mahesh Krishna and P. Sam Johnson, "Quotient Operators and the Open Mapping Theorem," Filomat 32:18 (2018), 6221–6227.
12. P. Sam Johnson and Vinoth A, "Product and Factorization of Hypo-EP Operators," Special Matrices 6 (2018), 376-382.
11. B. Parvathalu and P. Sam Johnson, "Construction of Mercedes-Benz Frame in Rn," International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, December 2017, Issue 1 Supplement, 511-519.
10. G. Ramu and P. Sam Johnson, "Frames for Operators in Banach Spaces," Acta Mathematica Vietnamica, 42 (2017), 665-673.
9. Vinoth A and P. Sam Johnson, "On Sum and Restriction of Hypo-EP Operators," Funct. Anal. Approx. Comput. 9 (1) (2017), 37-41.
8. G. Ramu and P. Sam Johnson, "Frame Operators of K-frames," Boletin de la Sociedad Espanola de Matematica Aplicada, SeMA Journal (2016) 73 : 171-181.
7. P. Sam Johnson and G. Ramu, "Class of Bounded Operators associated with an Atomic System," Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, Vol.46, No.1, 85-90, March 2015.
6. P. Sam Johnson, “Multiplication Operators with Closed Range in Operator Algebras,” Journal of Analysis and Number Theory, Vol. 1, No.1, 1-5, 2013.
5. P. Sam Johnson and S. Balaji, “On Semiclosed Subspaces of Hilbert Spaces,” International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 79, No. 2, 2012, 249-258.
4. P. Sam Johnson and S. Balaji, “Hyers-Ulam Stability of Linear Operators in Frechet Spaces,” Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences, Vol. 6, No.3, 525-528 (2012).
3. P. Sam Johnson and S. Balaji, “On Linear Operators with Closed Range,” Journal of Applied Mathematics and Bioinformatics, Vol.1, No.2, 2011, 175-182.
2. P. Sam Johnson and C. Ganesa Moorthy, “Composition of Operators with Closed Range,” Journal of Analysis, 14(2006), 79-80.
1. C. Ganesa Moorthy and P. Sam Johnson, “Composition of Closed Range Operators,” Journal of Analysis, 12(2004), 165-169.
Organization of Conferences and other Academic Events
Organized a national-level workshop on "Spectral Analysis and Applications" sponsored by NBHM during 14-16, February 2013. 
Organized a national-level workshop on "Functional Analysis and Operator Algebras" sponsored by NBHM during 02-07, June 2014. 
Organized a national-level workshop on "Topological Dynamics" sponsored by NBHM during 10-12, December 2015. 
Invited Talks Arranged : 17
Awards and Distinctions 
Received Merit Scholarship from Alagappa University in M.Phil.
Alagappa University Second Rank in M.Phil.
Qualified National Eligiblity Test (NET-JRF) conducted by CSIR
Received Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) from CSIR while doing Ph.D
Associate NCC Officer at NITK in the rank of "Lieutenant" since 16th December 2012
Member of Institute Grievance Redressal Committee since 18th June 2015
Faculty In-charge (Security), 2016-2018
Visiting Faculty to IIIT Dharwad, 2015
Warden of NITK 8th Block Hostel, 2014-2016
Visits Abroad : United States of America (2014), Canada (2013), Republic of Korea (2014), United Kingdom (2017), Malaysia (2008, 2010),  Egypt (2011)

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