Theory of Computation(CMA705)

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Theory of Computation


M.Tech (CMA)




Programme Core (PC)

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Introduction, Abstract Models for Computation and their relationship with formal languages and Theory of Recursive Functions; Computational and Representational System Models: Finite Automata; Push-down Automata; Linear Bounded Automata; Turing Machines; Formal Language Models; Regular Expressions, Context free Languages, Context Sensitive Languages, Recursively, Enumerable Languages, Generative Grammars, Recognition Procedures; Finite Representation for formal languages, Chomsky Hierarchy; Normal Forms; Derivation Graphs; Pumping Lemma; Undecidability; Recursive Functions and Computability; Computational Effectiveness, Complexity Measures, Reducibility; Complexity Classes.


Hopcroft and Ullman, Introduction to Automata Theory; Languages and Computation, Narosa.
Gyorgy E. Revesz, Introdution to Formal Languages, Dover.
Aho, Hopcraft & Ullman, Automata, Languages and Computation, Narosa, 1986
Mishra and Chandrashekar, Theory of Computer Science, Prentice Hall of India, 1999.


Mathematical and Computational Sciences

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