V. Murugan



Date of Joining at NITK: 

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Professional Experience: 

15 Years 8 months

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+91 82 2473262


+91 9448150143
Faculty (author) Identifiers
Academic Background
  • Ph.D (IIT Madras), 2007
  • M.Sc.(Mathematics), T.D.M.N.S. College, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, 2002
  • B.Sc.(Mathematics), T.D.M.N.S. College, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, 2000
Areas of Interest
  • Functional Equations
  • Fixed Point Theory
  • Dynamical Systems
Significant Projects

1. Smooth Solutions of Iterative Functional Equations(2009-2012), Seed Grant Project sponsored by NITK, Surathkal.
2. Applications of Kneading Theory in Iterative Root Problems (2018-2021), Early Career Research Award, SER-DST, India.

Supervision of Ph.D

Completed: 4, Ongoing: 3

1. Dr. Suresh Kumar M [2018] (Asst. Prof. Gandhigram Rural Inst.)
2. Dr. Chaitanya G K [2021] (INSPIRE Faculty, ISI-Bang)
3. Dr. R. Palanivel [2021] (Lecturer, NITK Surathkal)
4. Dr. Mohd Ahmed [2017] (co-guide)


1. Mr. Kiran Antony
2. Mr. Vignesh Raja
3. Mr. Girisha

Funded Projects (Completed): 

  • Received a prize and a Certificate of ”Honourable Mention” in the Prof. R.S. Varma Best Paper Competition conducted in the International Conference on  Computational, Mathematical and Statistical Methods (CMASM 2007) in Chennai during 6-8 January 2007.  
  • CSIR (JRF & SRF) at IIT Madras during 2003-2007
  • Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET) for Lectureship in 2003. 
  • Qualified GATE 2003
  • First prize in the P.G. Level quiz competition in Mathematics held at Scott Christian College, Nagarcoil in the year 2002.

Administrative Positions

  • Liaison Officer(OBC): 2022 to till date
  • Faculty Advisor (Yoga Club): 2018 onwards
  • Warden: 2016 to 2019
  • Library Advisory Committee: 2018 to till date
Significant Publications
[15] V. Murugan, R. Palanivel, Iterative roots of continuous functions and Hyers-Ulam stability, Aequationes mathematicae 95 (1) (2021)
[14] M Veerapazham, C Gopalakrishna, W Zhang. Dynamics of the iteration operator on the space of continuous self-maps, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 149 (1) (2021),217-229x
[13] V. Murugan, R. Palanivel, Non-isolated nonmonotone points of the composition of continuous functions, Real Analysis Exchange, 46 (1) (2021) 51-82
[12] Chaitanya Gopalakrishna, Murugan Veerapazham, Invariance of Kneading matrix under conjugacy, J. Korean Math. Soc. 2021; 58(2): 265-281. hips://doi.org/10.4134/JKMS.j190378
[11] MS Kumar, V Murugan, Series-Like lterative Functional Equation for PM Functions, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1850 (1), 012108, 2021
[10] V. Murugan, G. Chaitanya, Relation between the kneading matrices of conjugate maps, Commun. Korean Math. Soc., 35 (2020) 571-589. hups://doi.og/10.4134/CKMS.cl90255.
[9] V. Murugan, M. Suresh Kumar, Subcommuting and Comparable Iterative Roots of Order Preserving Homeomorphisms, Arab J. Math. Sci. (2019). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ajimsc.2019.10.003
[8] Cho, Y.J., Murugan, S.K. & Veerapazham, M., Iterative Roots of Non-PM Functions and Denseness, Results in Mathematics (2018) 73: 13. htps://doi.org/10.1007/s00025-018-0792-y
[7] V. Murugan. and M. Suresh Kumar, Iterative roots of continuous functions with non-isolated forts, J Anal. (2017). https://doi.org/10.1007/s41478-017-0044-2
[6] E.Satyanarayana, Mohd Ahmed and V. Murugan, Large Time Asymptotics with Error Estimates to Solutions of a Forced Burgers Equation, Studies in Applied Mathematics, 138 (2017) 185-204. https:/doi.org/10.1111/sapm 12148
[5] V. Murugan and P.V. Subrahmanyam, Existence of continuous solutions for an iterative functional series equation with variable |coefficients, Aequationes Mathematicae, 78 (2009) 167-176.
[4] V. Murugan and P.V. Subrahmanyam, Smooth solutions for a functional equation involving series of iterates, Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Sciences, 33, No. 3-4 (2008) 187-207.
[3] V. Murugan and P:V. Subrahmanyam, Differentiable solutions for a class of functional equations, Ann. Polon. Math. 92 (2007), 225-241.
[2] V. Murugan and P..Subrahmanyam, Special solutions for a general class of iterative functional equations, Aequationes Mathematicae, 72 (2006) 269-287.
[1] V. Murugan and P.V.Subrahmanyam, Existence of solutions for equations involving iterated functional series, Fixed Point Theory and |Applications, 2005:2 (2005) 219-232.

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